Thursday, July 3, 2014

Be more tolerant, regardless of gender, sexuality

(Published - Today June 28, 2014)

As a husband and father, I am supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Singaporeans.

Moreover, I cannot allow myself to be misrepresented by those who leverage the rhetoric of “family”, “marriage” and “children” to put down LGBT people.

I find it condescending and dehumanising to trivialise sexuality as a “lifestyle” and unnatural.

This issue has unnecessarily polarised Singapore.

I believe faith and religion can coexist with harmonious diversity and a respect for people, regardless of their persuasions and orientation. It is not a zero-sum game.

I doubt what Pink Dot stands for will affect our loyalty in friendships, faithfulness in marriage, love in parenthood and commitment to our religious communities.

While there may be different ideological persuasions, we share a common responsibility in this diverse and multicultural space for ensuring that others are not inconvenienced or made to feel small.

Singapore needs to be more tolerant, accepting and respectful of people, regardless of gender and sexuality.

Ho Chi Sam


Tommy Tan said...

As an armchair naturalist, I feel that sexuality is a spectrum of sexual behaviours and not a clear-cut defined genders as that we put in our ICs.

We are at a stage of humanity for a world body like the UN to hold a definitive convention, including all relevant figures: doctors, academia, religious leaders, politicians etc. to decide once and for all if we should accept LBGT as an equal member of our society, not only in family legislation, in employment legislation, but most of all, to accept LBGT to live amongst our society with dignity, not subjected to taunts and unjust discrimination.

I have realised in the past 2 decades, the internet revolution has brought with it a greater awareness of the LBGT issue. I have also realised maybe as a result of a more vocal LBGT community, it appears that the LBGT community is quite big and growing.....(to be continued)

Tommy Tan said... an armchair naturalist, and if I might be allowed to make a religious para-phrase, I think, as our world is heading towards a population of 9bn in the near future, the dynamics of evolution works in wonderful ways...the growing LBGT phenomenon puts a natural brake on the exploding numbers of our humanity...