Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Upbeat Uptown Girl by Billy Joel

Here's another post on music. Taking a break from the draining pieces on sociology and discourse analysis.

What I believe to be the barometer of upbeat songs is Billy Joel's Uptown Girl.

1. The verse keeps going "up", at least the counter-line does.
2. The beginning of every stanza of the song sounds like a climatic chorus.
3. The end of every stanza sounds like a pre-chorus build to another chorus.
4. (Studio version) Damn, those drums really took a pounding.
5. The song is always "moving" - it has 4 different key signatures, with well-written transitions (transposition).

Verse (E maj key)
E F#m G#m A-B
(upmoving counterline: E, F#, G#, A, B)

Chorus (C maj key)
C Am Dm G
C Am Bm E

Postchorus (A maj key)
A F#m D B

Bridge (D maj / B min key)
G A F#7/A# Bm
G A F#7/A# Esus4-E
(upmoving counterline: G, A, A#, B)

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