Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Take a chance on him?

Here's what's happening recently, along with some political imaginings of clean Singapore, in the tune of ABBA's 'Take a Chance on Me'.

If you heard the vine, it's Roy this time
He talked PM Lee and the C.H.C.
If you heard the news, you know, it's going 'round
It's Drew and Napier, no? Gahmen take him down

If he could have known of the gahmen's tone
Gahmen's so kiasi, it's on 'Factually'
It's all about C.P.F. and he said a "lie"
If you smelled his lawyers' breath, and you're gonna die

Well it's PM Lee
(In his tighty whitiessss)
Well he's PM Lee

We can lim kopi, we can go Whitley
Or we're gonna sue yer
Don't talk about Ho Chings, or Temasek Holdings
And we won't sue yer

'Cause you know he's got so much that he wanna do
When he dreams of him fixing you, it's tragic
Roy shouldn't have put the picture there; when you're sued, it's never fair
But I think you know Lee will knock you cold

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