Thursday, November 17, 2011

Condemning Jason Neo's offensive photo caption

I got a shock when I saw a photo on Facebook of a bus with children in it. And it was captioned "Bus filled with young terrorist trainees?"

It's so outrageous I thought it was a hoax, but after following the news, I realised it was legitimate. More can be read from The Online Citizen here.

The photo may be accessed here.

The Young PAP, of which the perpetrator Jason Neo has been a member, has issued a statement here.

In any context, the caption is disgusting and disgraceful. I condemn this act, and this racist and feel he has no place in Singapore society. His act is a hindrance to peace and harmony.

He is also a disgrace to ethnic Chinese like myself, as well as among those who acknowledge and appreciate our privileged position in Singapore society, and are also active in supporting or advocating a peaceful and harmonious coexistence for all.

It will be very difficult to accept any apology from a person like Jason, who's capable of publicly making such ignorant yet hateful remarks.

Looking beyond his Young PAP membership and the fact that PAP and YPAP have distanced themselves from him (which doesn't exactly solve the problem), the act on its own is deplorable.

The caption and the fact that it is publicly accessible shows that he is a bigger extremist than the people he demonises.


DarKScoRpioN said...

Jason Neo being a YP member should have known better than to spout nonsense online. He should be subjected to the full force of the law. Read more about it here.

chemgen said...

The YPAP is trying to do damage control but as part of the larger PAP that stressed on reaching out to the Malay-Muslim constituency the most historically, the damage and extent of hypocrisy is I think significant. Especially when seen in the revelation of MM Lee's hard truths comments about Muslims and integration.

Mia Maria said...
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