Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quoted: Young Faces Battle it out in Opposition Stronghold

(Quoted: Straits Times. May 4, 2011)

Also available on this website. I shall provide my comments below.

The men in white are at a temple dinner in Hougang Avenue 5, and People’s Action Party (PAP) Hougang candidate Desmond Choo is pressing flesh and greeting senior citizens.

... ...

Wide-ranging interviews with Hougang residents threw up a number of local and national issues.

Top of the list locally is maintenance and upgrading.

In its first Hougang rally on Saturday, former PAP candidate and grassroots adviser Eric Low said Hougang had ‘become a slum’, and warned Aljunied residents that their neighbourhood would degrade if they did not ‘make a wise move’ on Saturday.

But that injured some residents’ pride.

‘Ouch, I live there, I have feelings too,’ quipped Hougang resident Sam Ho, 27.

More seriously, he added, such scare tactics are a distraction from the service - sufficient, if no-frills - that Mr Low has provided to residents over the years.

‘Non-Hougang residents should heed the advice to walk the Hougang ground - to see the work Low Thia Khiang and his team do, such as at Meet-the-People Sessions,’ said Mr Ho, who works for a technology start-up and has lived in the neighbourhood for three years.



May 8: Go MAN UTD!!! By the way, I was booing Pritnam Singh's Arsenal and Liverpool analogies.

Random thoughts: I think his WP teammate Toh Hong Boon is a United fan, so I'm sure he feels very uncomfortable wearing the Workers' Party light blue polo shirt. And I mean VERY UNCOMFORTABLE, like Vivian "OUT!" Balakrishnan uncomfortable, or Teo Ser Luck at the rally uncomfortable, or Wong Kan Seng Whitley Road uncomfortable, or Lim Hwee H... WHO ARE YA?! WHO ARE YA?!

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