Sunday, April 24, 2011

Homophobia in the General Elections

There have been websites, YouTube posts, Facebook posts (allegedly by PAP trolls) and Twitter posts which have been engaging in gay-bashing, fear-mongering and hate-mongering against gay Singaporeans, as we near the General Elections.

The "votepap" and "fakeSDP" Twitter accounts have been circulating a video and posting comments about SDP and their "gay agenda". Worse still, the title "gay agenda" plays on the fears of people who probably know as much as the antagonists.

Furthermore, the description of the video states that the SDP is trying to hide the video, which is about "lowering age of consent for sex with boys aged 14 and repeal of 377A." This does not make sense at all.

S377A criminalises consensual sex between adult men. Its repeal does not affect me one bit, nor will it affect my family. Its repeal will only allow gay men to have the same right as straight men to have consensual adult sex. Perhaps it is the obsessive homophobic preoccupation and imaginings of gay sex that drives support for this colonial-inherited statute.

You know what is dangerous and damaging to families? Not gay rights, but homophobic bigots who raise ill-adjusted homophobic kids who see it is okay to indulge in bullying, hatred, fear-mongering and to some extent, violent behaviour.

The "gay agenda" is a concoction of hatred and fear-mongering, created by heterosexist supremacist bigots, who are not only ill-adjusted, ignorant, insecure, but are manipulative, only feel better about themselves by putting others down, and are essentially dangerous to society as a whole.

Since they claim to be straight, I like to say that as one straight family-oriented person, I think you guys are pathetic excuses for human beings. Your heterosexuality is just one of many orientations, but you have taken it upon yourself, by convenience of herd mentality and emboldened by a like-minded or brainwashed mob of homophobes, to suggest it is the one and only orientation, such that any identities outside this straight cosmos are illegitimate.

The "fakeSDP" account has the audacity to post the childish yet inflammatory tweet "fakeSDP: @thefakeSAF Watch out! @yourSDP will increase the faggots in the SAF... #sgelections @fakeMOE #sg KEEP SDP OUT!"

There is no point engaging in dialogue with bigots with rhetorical questions such as "what does his/her sexuality got to do with his/her work?" because homophobes will always use the sexuality card, in the most frivolous, irrational and ridiculous of ways, just to deny gay Singaporeans the right to participate, be represented, or simply be acknowledged or respected.

Even if, given the benefit of the doubt, these twitter accounts were meant to be satirical, it continues to play on the negative beliefs people have about gay people and continue to perpetuate homophobia in our nation.

These are the terrorists who demonise fellow human beings just because they are perceived to be different, further stratifying, segregating and dividing our society.

I am not surprised if their heterosexual inadequacies (e.g. not enough marriages + babies), moral insecurities, anti-social behaviours, and perceived moral problems which confront them as persons, have all been funneled and projected onto their homophobia and hate-mongering.

Our government is also standing idly by, and not speaking up against the fear-mongering and hate-mongering, because homophobia can always retreat back the fortification that is religion (namely socio-religious organisations and communities which legitimise this homophobic hate speech and behaviour).

At least, the Singapore Democratic Party has the sense to recognise Singaporeans as Singaporeans, regardless of orientation and persuasion. (By the way, I have no political opinion on the SDP, positive or negative)

Homophobes in Singapore constitute one of the many reasons why Singaporean democracy is what it is. A democracy is only as good as its people. That is why a progressive party like the PAP, progressive as in willing to deal with social changes only as they come because of the implications caused by the unflinching adherence to economic KPIs, has to occasionally use the excuse "... when Singaporeans are ready".

It is a pity that there exist moral inbreds who continue to dominate our political and moral discourses. They monger fear and hate with narratives like "slippery slopes", without understanding the slippery slopes of their taken-for-granted exclusionist discriminations.

They enter dialogue with the pre-existing, unshakable and uncompromisable position that sexuality other than heterosexuality, is wrong, bad and sinful, thus worthy of trivialisation, discrimination, hate and fear-mongering. Try doing that to women, ethnic minorities, religious minorities.

There are people in Singapore who work their socks off just to educate the public on sexuality and difference, only to be forbidden to speak, or shut up. And these moralising hooligans are abusing their privileges, and taking advantage of the absence of laws to protect the constitutional rights of gay Singaporeans, to not only air their homophobic views, but to launch irrational smear campaigns against individuals and organisations, playing on the fear most ill-informed people have about LGBT people. Furthermore, their actions, if gone unchallenged, will condone similar behaviour.

These homophobes are the ones who abuse democracy and continue the political and social discrimination of LGBT Singaporeans.

The behaviour, actions and words of these Singaporeans are disgusting, deplorable and should be condemned. Just because you're straight, it doesn't mean you are better or more moral.


Gary said...

I predict that the ruling party will suffer the backlash of this instigation when this issue boomerang on them in the polls.

Felicia said...

Amen! It's sad that people have started using the term "gay agenda" as if wanting equality and fairness based on sexuality is such a negative thing. It just seems sickening to me that people like Vivian can even suggest that there is something wrong with supporting the repeal of 377A, whilst he himself deserves to stand on the moral high ground of heteronormative bigotry.

The one good thing I can see coming out of this, though, is that it is now obvious that the PAP's (Or at least Vivian's) smear campaign is based on such homophobia. Now that everything is laid on the table, we only have to wait and see if people are still willing to vote for someone who panders to prejudice and uses such ad hominems to win votes. (if they are, then well, they deserve the government they get)

christao408 said...

Very eloquently written!