Sunday, November 21, 2010

Furry the rabbit: My first pet

You know, one of the most emotionally draining things you can do is to dig up snapshots of the past. You not only see the younger versions of yourself, your brother and your parents, but also everyone else who have played a role, small and big, in their lives.

As I trudge through 20-plus photo albums, and flipped through those moments as they were in the 80s and 90s, I see the people I know today as they were yesterday, as well as the places that have served as the backdrop for the captured memories.

The photographs also tell me a few things about my parents, not merely as parents, but as individuals living out respective chapters in their lives, of which I was probably too young to understand.

Some of the people in the photographs have now gained weight. Some of them have lost weight.

Almost all of them have gone grey and grown more lines in their faces.

Some of them are no longer living, people and animals.

I dedicate this post to Furry, a wonderful white rabbit we got from the animal farm (in Jalan Kayu) in 1991. We fed her well and she grew pretty big, and probably had to endure the ongoing "rabbit stew" jokes thrown at her.

My mum loved Furry a lot and carried her like a baby. She listened to my mum too and could obey simple instructions like sitting on the stool when my mum had to wash the floor. Furry would follow her wherever she went and stand on her hind legs, begging my mum to pick her up, carry her like a baby and rock her to sleep.

I guess my mum is not only a mother to me and my brother, but also to the animals she has cared for for most of her life.

In 1995, we had to move and could not keep Furry. We had to care it off with my uncle's sisters. We visited her only twice.

In 1997 (or 1998), Furry died of old age.

But Furry lives on. Here she is:


Kimmy said...

Reading this post makes me think of my two beloved rabbits that I had to give away. :'(
I was not much of an animal lover until they were suddenly thrust onto me to care for, and the bond I formed with them was totally unexpected. Getting teary thinking of them. I hope they are well looked after and happy.

Aud :) said...

aww. get a dog!