Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sam cooks green curry chicken

Welcome welcome. Huan ying huan ying. Sawadee krup.

A few days ago. I decided to try cooking some green curry chicken. It was a half-success/failure.
Here are the suspects: Coconut milk (fought hard with the Malay aunties to grab them, but due to my superior conditioning, I managed to grab a handful), yoghurt (get it? YOG hurt!), basil, ground pepper and cinnamon (sugar)!
From left to right: Curry leaves, carrots, plastic box of dried shrimp, chicken in plastic wrap (slim wrap la), onions, peeled potatoes, cup of rice, and garlic.
I added oil to the pot, but turns out it wasn't enough and my pot was slightly burnt! It's a Zebra brand for crying out loud!!! Schoolboy error! Seriously... Even the most insightful blogger can make such mistakes!

Well, oil, then onions, then garlic, then green curry paste (which my mum got from a recent Thailand trip), fry fry fry, stir stir stir, pepper, then chicken, fry fry fry, stir stir stir, basil. Saying it three times makes it magical, because that's what Shakespeare says.

Then I added in 2 cups of yoghurt (300ml) because I used too much curry paste. Absolutely disastrous. I later had to add a small pack of coconut milk (200ml). Then add in potatoes, which by right should have been cooked, but I was too stupid and had forgotten to do so. Sorry lah, I only got 2nd upper, not 1st class honours degree. This could serve 4 people, but there's only the wife and myself. Bad calculation, because I'm an arts student.

To deal with the bitter experience, I added a dash of cinnamon sugar into the curry. And that's the end of it. Quite disappointed, but I'll be cooking curry tomorrow again.So, it's all done. The wife isn't very fond of spicy stuff. So I cooked some sotong balls. There you have it.
Well, all I can say is that it was a good learning experience.

Normally, dinners will look like that:
Yup. There's rice, steamed egg, steam cod (awesome shit), baked chicken, and wife's favourite sotong balls.

This Saturday afternoon, I decided to cook some lunch. It took me 50 minutes to cook something that was finished in 15 minutes. But the meal tasted really good.
It is cheese baked rice with garlic and bacon. The bacon was under the rice by the way. And there is egg mayo and baked chicken (massaged with oyster sauce, thousand island and mayonnaise) with baby carrots. The chicken spent 15 minutes in the toaster oven, taken out for the boiled carrots to be added in, and spent another 8 minutes in the sauna again.

The cheese baked rice (rice cooked in chicken stock) spent 12 minutes in the toaster oven. Used mozzarella cheese. Nice stuff. See the baked bacon under the rice? Yummy shit.
While savouring the meal, we were wondering what's the part of the cheese baked rice that is so creamy and viscous. Once I find out what that is, I will probably never need to order cheese baked rice next time.

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Chase said...

Well one thing you might wanna try to make the cheese viscous is to infuse it in a bit of a cream and work a sort of cheese sauce or something. Maybe that should do the trick.