Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Singtel Mio TV, you suck... again

(Written as feedback to Singtel... AGAIN. The last letter can be accessed here.)

I am writing in again to complain about the low quality product that is Mio TV.

When I tuned in to Mio TV three times over the past 10 days, I was shown the purple "Mio TV" screen for a long time, and had to restart the set-top box by pressing and holding the power button.

This has become a regular fixture in my TV-viewing experience.

Why must I do this troubleshooting when all I want is to switch on the television and the modem and set-top box, and watch the channels the Mio TV offers?

Every time I want to watch something on Mio TV, I have to switch on TV, modem and set-top box at least 5 to 10 minutes before the programme starts. With Starhub's cable television, I only need at most 2 minutes.

Singtel Mio TV has again soured my television viewing experience.

Do you have any idea what is "television viewing experience"? It is switch on and watch. Simple. No damn troubleshooting.

I subscribe to Mio TV because I want to watch the English Premier League and the Champions League Football. And on ALL the occasions I tuned in to watch football, some minutes of match time is spent troubleshooting and pressing that damn power button.

I remain convinced that Singtel is void of business ethics and moral fibre, choosing to deliver to its customers such an inferior quality product with poor technical infrastructure.

I chose Singtel Mio TV because I have no other choice.

I sincerely hope you won't retain your exclusive BPL and CL broadcast rights because you don't deserve it.


add: Seriously. This is pissing me off. Every time I tune in to Singtel Mio TV, I have to spend 3-5 minutes watching that purple screen. Nothing happens. Then I've to press and hold the reset button to reset the damn box. 3 minutes later, I get to see what I want to see. That is 6-8 minutes wasted! With Singtel Mio TV, I don't watch 90 minutes of football, I watch 85 minutes!

I hope the government finds a contractor soon to settle the multiple set-top box issue. Singtel has made a very premature move to television broadcast, because transmission via phone line is in my experience of much more inferior quality than transmission via cable.

In the near future, transmission via fibre optics will save definitely the butt of Singtel especially. In fact phone line transmission is merely a transitional technology for TV broadcast, in my opinion. But customers just "lan lan suck thumb", as how they are socialised as Singaporeans. We're screwed by this duopoly/monopoly. I really look forward to the high speed broadband internet (with no surfing speed cap for international websites like what I think SingNet and Starhub will impose).

Any way, I sincerely hope that Starhub wins the next bid for the English Premier League and Champions League broadcast rights, as well as ESPN Star Sports. I never had any complaints about Starhub cable TV customer. For Singtel Mio TV, I am incensed enough to write a long feedback and commentary on their product and service.


Daily Struggles of a Singaporean Joe said...

You are right! Its internet connection and MioTV is unstable too. I had 3 senior Singtel technicians visit my home on last saturday past midnight to troubleshoot my poor picture quality. The screen freezes frequently on all channels or certain channels. Sometimes indefinitely. Before the 3 "EPL Specialists" came I had already had 3-4 technicians coming down to fix my MioTV. If you add my internet trobleshooting, over the past 4-5 years I must have seen them 7-8 times. Very often they would try to get you to troubleshoot with their phone technician offering you guidance. What lowly horrible internet surfing experience! As you have said rightly, I am cancelling both Singnet and EPL after contract expire. I would rather lead a simpler lifestyle than moonlighting as an internet/MioTV troubleshooting technician.

Ken said...

I tried not to complaint but just can not tahan MIO TV giving me so much problem

I can't believe going thought problem over last FEB and again, i still experiencing problem with the box half way disconnected last week and 2 days ago i have to un-plug to power from singtel box due to not able to turn the power off. Restart also never help unable to go to menu at all.

Warm boot and cold boot also never help and now the box is totally not able to power off at all even keep pressing the power, first i tot it was remote control but even the box keep pressing power and not able to off. the customer service asked to check here and there contact other department but come to nothing can be solved at the end. this is really terrible experience one could experience due to this i have to re-arrange for the replacement of box after argue with her and it’s convince. hope i never have to go thru this problem all over again.

DazzlingSHOE said...

Can u, after a long day at work, come home, just hope to un-wind n relax n watch some tv but to feel more frustrated when ur tv is 'frozen' every few minutes n the news u r listening/watching became distorted n u duno wat the heck is being reported? Tat is wat I hv been experiencing since day 1 I signed up mio, since few years back. Technicians came n leave, rebooting n restarting system, etc.

Y can't, a multimillion corporation that supports most of our viewing pleasure, is not providing us w top quality viewing pleasure??

When wld this frustration end??