Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dear Singtel Mio TV, you suck

(Written as feedback to Singtel)

I am very disappointed in your Mio TV service. I switched on the Mio TV set top box only to have the purple "Mio TV" screen there for 20 minutes. After doing a reset (pressing the power button for 5 seconds), the same thing happened, and still no transmission.

I called your technical support, and was told to do a factory reset. This means I have to wait up to 45 minutes for the set top box to be functional again and to make me get my money's worth of entertainment.

I am subscribed to the English Premier League package and DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS ALMOST EVERY WEEKEND. Watching TV does not and should not include technical troubleshooting. It is to sit down and relax, not spending my time fixing.

Your phone-line infrastructure is appalling too. I have to sacrifice my original phone line in my living room just to accommodate the second line for the Mio. Whenever I have to make calls from my home phone, I have to go to other rooms. This is a fair compromise to watch Mio TV, but it is completely and utterly unfair that Mio TV is not up to standard.

Why are you doing this to your customers?

Do you have any business ethics? Delivering a subpar service and product, built on poor infrastructure.

How will you compensate if this problem persists? Or will you continue robbing your customers, shortchanging them with lousy services?

I chose Mio TV because I want to watch the English Premier League and Champions League. Do the right and ethical thing to justify my subscription.


To save you guys from waiting ages on the helpline, because so many people are complaining to Singtel all the time, here is what to do if you're cheated out of your money by Singtel Mio TV. This was what I did any way and I wasted 70 minutes of TV time doing it.

Any way, if you keep seeing the purple screen with "Mio TV" on it, for more than 5 minutes. Do a reset by holding the power button for 5 seconds.

If the problem persists, switch off the modem and set top box. Switch on the modem first and wait for the lights to be stable (not blinking), then switch on the set top box.

If the problem persists, restore factory settings. Hold power button + "ok" button + the down-arrow button until all the 3 lights (in the middle of the set top box) are lit. Wait for the box to load.

If Singtel did not have such a shitty product and infrastructure, people will never have to be put on hold for a long time when they call the technical helpline.

Now that I have my Mio TV back on, it is pixellated and laggy on occasion. Some quality product, you have there, Singtel.


meowbear said...

I had that problem too for about 3 weeks since installation. Every weekend, the picture turns ugly. Technicians came to check, but because appt on weekdays, problem not really there, so they couldn't fix it. There was once when the SingTel customer service fella on the line checked, and replied "low band width", but when technician came a few days later, no problem again. Finally, i called and fixed appt on a Saturday morning. This time, technician could nail the problem: the wireless connection between modem to setup box wasn't strong enuf. Had to change to a bigger wireless connection. Glad to say, no problem with Mio TV at all now.

joon said...

I have had this problem for years. Countless technicians, change of lines, change of set top boxes, here I am having the same problem NOW!

Semoodi said...

Well, I'm sick of Mio TV too. Every weekend, when I watch the EPL games it is bound to hang. I have to restart the set top box. It causes pain waiting for it to startup and in a few occasions I missed watching the goals. I have no problems with Starhub when they had the rights to telecast EPL the last time. I intend to terminate my contract with MIO once it is over which is the end season of EPL. I'd rather watch streaming online rather than paying for a poor service.

EyM said...

Same problem as the guy but its alright now. But during champions league matches they don't show all the matches being broadcast. I mean i paid for it why can't watch all of them? can't watch napoli vs bayern last week, who wants to watch man city? Even if they have to choose 1 match from each group,they should at least choose the ones with higher reputation and man city does not have a higher reputation than bayern. I had to watch it online on stream and its slow as hell.