Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sam cooks cheese-baked rice! And begins an exercise regime!

Welcome to a not-so-wordy edition of Sam's Thoughts. I will let the pictures do more of the talking. As you can see from the above picture, I cooked cheese-baked rice today, with Shanghai veggies and some fried Japanese chicken.

Cheese-baked rice is really fun and easy to cook. For my cheese-baked rice today, I boiled the rice in chicken stock, and later fried it with browned garlic and bacon bits. After that, I spread the rice out and wrap it in aluminum foil and sprinkle mozzarella cheese on it and put it in the toaster oven with the foil closed for 5 minutes.

This melts the cheese without browning it. After that, I open the foil exposing the cheese and rice and leave it in the toaster again for about 4-5 minutes. And you'll get the above. Nice stuff. Restaurant quality home-cooked food, and you can sleep with the chef.

Of course, sleeping with your significant other is not the only highlight of every marriage. We go out once in a while. Below are pictures taken during our foray into the monkey-infested lands of Peirce Reservoir. Singaporeans all pronounce it as "Pierce", but it really is "Peirce".

We later had dinner at RK House in Serangoon Gardens with the friends who were with us earlier at Peirce. We ate naan. Didn't know they had it, but it was worth the wait.
On the home front, it took me a while to get the cheese-baked rice thing going. When I ordered cheese-baked rice at a restaurant in early December, I finally saw the light. No, I was not touched there by any specific monotheist deity. I understood the purpose of aluminum foils! And they are just more than bling. Below is my first attempt at making cheese-baked rice, using cheddar cheese cubes (that don't really melt well) along with mozzarella. And you can see the oyster sauce chicken too. Nice stuff I might say (because I made it).
Well, cheese on rice is a refreshing look, because the kind of stuff we see is usually the below:
On Christmas eve, we invited 4 friends over. I made my signature mashed potatoes (with butter, milk, basil, ground pistachios, friend bacon bits), with oyster sauce chicken, broccoli, calamari and shrimp, and cheese-baked rice. The cheese wasn't browned, but my guest requested me to bake it with the foil opened. And here it is.
Here's me and the wife with our food. I can photoshop in our children next time.
Of course, to atone for the sins of cooking/eating unhealthy food, I've started out on a new exercise regime, which involves lots of pull-ups, push-ups, sprints and the occasional jog.

Below is a snap-shot of me doing sit-ups on the parallel bars. It's a 135 degree sit-up and it's painful.

Yes, I want to get into "shape" and look "good" again. In November 2009, I was weighing in at 75kg

Soon, maybe, just maybe I can do a shirtless shoot that won't draw too much negative criticism, and hopefully that can put food on the table some day too. But in the mean time, it's fun cooking cheese-baked rice and eating it.

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-ben said...

Nice pecs... umm... pics.

Soon, maybe, just maybe I can do a shirtless shoot that won't draw too much negative criticism...

Haha! Just reverse-troll the trolls! The only thing more satisfying than trolling is trolling trolls!

Sit ups. The only thing I hate more than sit ups are crunches. And the only thing I hate more than crunches are back raises. And the only thing I hate more than back raises are moronic hikers on the mountain bike trail. And the only thing I hate more than moronic hikers on the mountain bike trail are uncountable ministers who are not only unaccountable and irresponsible but each make between SG$942,925 to SG$2,412,925 more than the current US President, Barack Obama.