Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cancelling your Pioneer Magazine subscription

Old news, but thanks to the Singaporean netizens and in particular, Alvin, for providing the following information, we now know how to cancel our Pioneer Magazine subscription.

Apart from wanting to save the environment, paper and money, I just simply do not want to have anything to do with SAF or MINDEF other than serve what I am threatened to serve, do what I am threatened to do (simply because not fulfilling one's "obligations" would land one in hot soup) and there are many things they could do to you that nobody will ever come to know. They can have my manpower, but I am emotionally, psychologically and spiritually divorced from their dealings. Saving paper and money is only a bonus here.

I shall reproduce a bit of Alvin's blog and advice here:

"Just go to this URL, fill in your particulars; type in some reasons, such as: you prefer reading the cyber version to save the Earth or your family is receiving duplicate copies; request to unsubscribe; then click SUBMIT."

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Alvin said...

Good to see you share the same sentiment as me about the SAF. :)