Saturday, November 14, 2009

Song: We are Mistakes

Check out I've recently rearranged my songs according chronologically. This page contains songs written from 2004, latest first.

I also want badly to upload the song I wrote for the songwriting contest, the one that is supposed to promote peace and harmony among Singaporeans. I wrote a parody of it, using the same music but with different lyrics, and renaming it "The IP Thugs", but will not release it until after April 2010.

To listen to my older songs from 1997 to 2003, you can go to this link:

Stressful times in the year 2009, and that's probably why I can churn out 4 songs in 5 months.

The recording process for "We are Mistakes" was painful. My rusty and limited guitar skills can't seem to reach the standard and style I would expect. The whole thing turned out sounding mechanical and soulless, but who cares? (actually I do). If only there's a device that can extract tunes out of your head/imagination, without you having to go through the drudgery of playing and being angry with your limited instrument skills. That's what you get for being a part-time musician (great emphasis on part-time). If I'm doing music 6-9 hours a day, I think I'll be where I would like to be, creatively and in terms of skills.

We Are Mistakes lyrics:
We never give, we never take
The chance to be forgiven
We waste our time, we’ll stand in line,
We’ll wait to be forsaken

Maybe we are mistakes
Our lives are just another bloody error
If we are what we make
We’ll fall apart before we’re put together
If we are mistakes
We would get along
I’m wrong as you’re wrong

We’re without aim, we’re full of blame,
It doesn’t make a difference
We’re all the same, we cause our pain.
Mistakes don’t have a meaning

There’s a mistake in all of us
We’re just changing for the worse
Even with two wrongs we can’t get right

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