Friday, November 13, 2009

Panda-fucked by Straits Times

I respect you a lot, Ace, but why must you do this?

Why must the Straits Times publish this?

Got Singaporeans suffering, and there are social and economic problems in various pockets of our society and guess what, pandas are more newsworthy!

After reading yesterday's report, 'China sending two pandas to Singapore', I would like to thank Chinese President Hu Jintao and the Chinese government and its people for the two wonderful gifts of VIPs (Very Important Pandas).

Singapore is indeed honoured to receive such VIPs because pandas are China's national treasures.

I am a nature and animal lover and it is a dream come true that Singapore will receive the two VIPs by 2011.

I believe many in Singapore will look forward to visiting the two VIPs at the zoo when they arrive.

I also hope the two VIPs will produce baby pandas during their stay in Singapore, so as to help increase the population of pandas.

Last but not least, I would like to welcome President Hu to Singapore for the Apec 2009 meeting and wish him and all Chinese in China the best of health.

Ace Kindred Cheong


Freefall said...

Except that pandas are not just pandas. China does not treat pandas as animals but as a kind of currency. Pandas are *very* noteworthy news.

Aud :) said...

wait..this letter about pandas was published in the forum?!
k while china sending pandas here may deserve an article..but a forum letter by some guy.. is damn funny la.
maybe he's a "kindred" panda spirit or some shit. hahahah.