Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dear MINDEF, please delete where appropriate: YES/NO*

Refer to the previous post for more details.

Dear Mr Teo,

1. I refer to XX XX XX’s letter (on behalf of Perm Sec) on XXX, 2009, in response to my letter on XXX, 2009. We earlier corresponded with XX XX XX writing to me on XXX, 2009, in response to my email and feedback sent on XXX, 2009.

2. I wish to seek clarification on two things.

A) My question has not been answered. Instead of saying 'yes' or 'no' to my question, your response in paragraphs 2 and 3 in no way answers the question. Instead, you are explaining to me existing policies, of which I am already know. To skirt my issue and concerns with policy explanations is indicative of MINDEF's lack of "understanding" and "appreciation" of an NSman like me, despite what has been claimed earlier.

In view of this, I hereby request a definite answer to my question: Will MINDEF pay for my school fees in the event my scholarship expires and I am unable to complete my course?

To facilitate your unambiguous and direct communications, and my total understanding of your position and mine, I appreciate you answer with a single word. Is it a 'YES' or a 'NO'? I appreciate you directly address me in your response and not to the general population of NSmen because the concern is expressed by me.

B) With regards to paragraph 4, I would like to point out the realities my unit Commanding Officer (CO) faces as a postgraduate student are different from mine. I am a full-time postgraduate Arts and Social Sciences student on scholarship. I have to write a 30,000-word thesis and attend classes. I also have to teach. I have no job and no income, but a stipend.

If I am not wrong, my CO on the other hand works in the civil/public service and is currently pursuing a part-time MBA. I am unsure as to whether his course is a company-sponsored one. Nevertheless, our situation are far different despite both of us being "students".

The details of our conversation are private. For MINDEF to even raise our "student" status as a comparison is indicative of the fact that MINDEF does not really understand my situation.

I had forwarded a request to my CO, asking MINDEF to answer my question directly. I would not appreciate you "addressing" it, because I am only looking forward to you "answering" it.

3. Your response has not put to rest my concerns. I appreciate a definite answer to my question. Is MINDEF going to help me or not? Yes or no?

My commitment to National Service is still strong and I will still go beyond my vocational duties and responsibilities like I always do in all my ICTs. But what about MINDEF's commitment to my concerns? I shudder to think about MINDEF's care, understanding and respect for an NSman like myself when you provide such a response that does not directly address my concerns.

Your latest letter has left me not only more aggrieved, but confused and frustrated. I look forward to your response of "yes" or "no" to my question, which has been unanswered for almost five months now.

Ho Chi Sam


Ponder Stibbons said...

Well done.

Making noise is a fact of life said...

There is a price to pay being a Singaporean. That price is going more and more expensive. I, myself do not like to share the resources that our parents that have built up for us but you know the elite just do not understand. All they think about is GDP growth that will increase their salaries.

While as citizen has to sacrifice 2.5 years of our time and 10 cycles, there is really not much benefits (or insignificant) given as compared to the PRs or foreigners.

We do not actually have the level of playing field. Most of the guys would probably graduate late,hence not able begin a career early and might as well have to be force to retired early just because of foreign talents. Employers begin to discriminate Singaporeans as seen on job advertisements. Being openly discriminated in your own soil is not a wonderful experience.

I think you are not the only one that has to pay a price. Many of us do. Given that not a lot of Singaporeans are given a chance to vote, the only way to turn things around is to migrate or immigrate.

Like some netizens had said that one will feel better to be a second or third class citizen in other country then in our very own country.

Well, in my opinion, leave this place if you are really unhappy. Life is to enjoy and not to suffer. Singapore, to a certain extent, I can say is not a welfare country. Good luck. Cheerzzz...

Sg Girl Next Door said...

That's frustrating. Hope they give you their response soon.