Monday, October 19, 2009

Sam cooks fried rice!

Hi, welcome to the OMY Most Insightful Blog.

Like probably any one in this world, the things I do and the person I am get conveniently pigeon-holed, categorised by others. Yes, I have some "insightful" posts. But I do write songs, jokes and parodies.

Unfortunately, many people would like to conceptualise Sam as insightful or analytical, rather than creative, funny (in a positive and humorous way, of course) or be recognised for cooking some decent meals.

My latest creation is fried rice, with broccoli, pork and chicken.

Seasoned the pork fillet with sweet soy sauce. For the chicken, well, it's the usual oyster sauce chicken. Broccoli's boiled briefly, to prevent discoloration, is it is discolouration?

The fried rice is the interesting part. I boil/steam the rice with chicken stock. Heat the sauce pan with good old unhealthy butter. Fry diced streaky bacon till golden brown. Not golden brown technically, but ethnic Chinese folks like myself like our bling. Add in the rice and stir furiously. Later add in the diced fried egg (which I earlier prepared using egg and fresh milk). Voila! It's done!

The wife and I were so excited looking at the food we dove in and forgot to take a picture of the dinner and my efforts to decorate it. Oh well.

She says I cook restaurant-quality food. Awwwww.

But her words quickly filter through my over-socialised mind and I found myself wondering if she either meant if it actually tasted good, or that it was simply too unhealthy. Flashbacks of fresh milk, butter and bacon sauntered into my consciousness.

With regards to this blog, I feel that I am at the point where I have something to say or share, but do not feel like writing it down here.

For example, I would like to talk about the following issues:
1) Mio and Starhub football programme subscription.
2) The thuggery businesses (and soon government-related boards) resorting to when dealing with bloggers they alleged to be defamatory.
3) Recording devices in the Singapore Armed Forces, which is more of an issue of public relations rather than an issue of sensitive security. I am sure the organisation is more concerned about ill practices, bullying and eccentric behaviours being exposed rather than actual training. For once if we as a nation concentrated on swiftness and efficiency, rather than image, inane foot drills and bullying tactics of what some perceive as "discipline", I think national service would be less than one year.
4) Children and masturbation. I think people don't like to talk about children masturbating, but I think this is a reality most of us like to avoid ever discussing. Perhaps this reality does not fit in with our idea that children are asexual, until a special magical age, institutionalised by the state, say 16, or 18, or 21, when their (hetero)sexuality is naturally "switched on". We are ostriches whose heads are buried in the filth of political correctness.

I am doing my thesis and reading on various transgender theorisations and transgender theory. It's quite confusing. But I guess confusion is a good thing to talk about. It is not going to be the best thesis in the world, but I hope it will make the points relevant to and for local transgender theory.

I'm beginning to, reasonably, doubt my abilities in pursuing a PhD. Such a project involves a commitment I do not think I would want to give. Furthermore, I do not think it will be good for my health. I tend to get obsessed with a topic, in a way that the concept of "working hours" do not apply. This makes rest and relaxation difficult.

Have been thinking about jobs too, even though my scholarship ends next August. Quite an exciting world, but I like being in my well. It is just by convention that people devalue the frogs and the wells. This one upmanship is also common when people compare the proverbial penis length and use age, experience, perceivably greater street cred, invoke "in the real world" narratives just to put others down, as if the said positions are inferred to be more desirable. But in actual fact, these have their economic measures, while the measures of the heart find no place in such a heartless society.

I have many distractions too. On top of periscoping out of my well for jobs, I look forward to writing a National Day song and submitting it, and also writing a play. Will probably start being more aggressive in sending demos of my songs to local and regional music executives, but they will probably have other ideas.

Domestic life is good too and I am enjoying it. There are chores to do but that's okay. I enjoy cooking and cleaning, and exercising in between. I sort of look forward to having kids, but of course, the paradox of having children in Singapore involves you not spending enough time with them, because you'll probably have to work so hard you forget how big they have grown, and that the only time you actually get to do some parenting is when you finally become a grandparent yourself. Of course, I could potentially be a bad parent because too many people think I'm out of my mind. Imagine a 5 year old waving his/her hand and saying, "Bah! It is social constructionism!"

My mum turns 60 today. In my eyes, she never ages. No matter how educated I am, I see not her lines and her greys. She made sure I never had to pay tuition loans and be saddled with debt, and that made sure I never had to ever consider graduating earlier without honours just to find work to pay off tuition loan debts. Every right and wrong she had done have made everything a right for me.

I am a sheltered mummy's boy who knows how to make a home safe and warm with unconditional love. I know what is right and wrong, and act accordingly to these beliefs. I can become convicted or obsessed, but I am also aware of moderation. I learn to pursue things I like, but also am able to make sacrifices. I am a product of my mum's parenting.

It seems that with marriage and moving out, I leave one woman for another. Both take care of me in their own way, give me the bubble wrap I need to be comfortable with myself. So that is why I think (my) life is good, never mind how horrible the world is. It is only most unfortunate that money is part of life and we're compelled to earn it. But we love our materials, don't we?

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Weiye said...

But you already have your materials; you have a diamond that is your mum. =)

Happy diamond Jubilee to your mum.