Saturday, September 19, 2009

I am finally an "insightful" blogger

I'm home already (but booking in Monday night for the second week of my reservist) and got to see my prizes.

It is great to have the bragging rights as "The Most Insightful Blog".

Of course, it depends on who's nominated for the competition and whether you answer the nomination.

I'm lucky there are a number of blogs, older and with more authority, who aren't in the competition. Perhaps, they are unknowingly gracious enough to let me go to Phuket, the top prize for the category, although I would have to pay for my own airfare (WTF goes the husband and wife).

It is both easy and difficult to win the category given the other nominees are considered insightful in their own right. Perhaps, in the future, insightful can be further defined.

And perhaps, in the future, they would allow the same blog to feature across multiple categories. A good example would be, a blog that will probably challenge not only the category it was contending for this year, but many others like "most insightful", "best individual blog" and so on.

Of course, we cannot please everyone. See

The OMY Singapore Blog Awards is a young competition, confined to Chinese and English bloggers. Even the wife, who attended the awards ceremony on my behalf and who got to shake the hand of the ubiquitous George Yeo (yes, he IS everywhere), said it was rather, to put it politely, "sino". Moreover, she was a bit uncomfortable with the pouting and posing for the cameras.

I really wanted to attend the awards ceremony. Get to see the Supperclub, see George Yeo in the flesh (since he is also the MP for Aljunied GRC, my former home, which smells like urine occasionally), see Yu-Kym and see what's the fuss all about haha.

Speaking of Yu Kym, I think she should have her own category, and she'll probably win it given she is, well, bold. If I were to blog about what she blogs about, I'll be labelled a pervert and MINDEF/SAF will filter my blog as ADULT/MATURE:PORNOGRAPHY.

The competition and organisation should only get better in time. That's the nature of the business of events and contests. Maybe next year's prizes will include healthier food and beverage prizes, you know, the kind of stuff that will not raise the salt content in your body, and not to mention airfare for hotel stays.

Speaking of prizes, I believe future competitions should feature more technological/hardware/software prizes and vouchers, along with a larger assortment of food and beverage items, like dining vouchers, and not to forget fashion apparel and lifestyle related items. With events/competition organising, it's always a chicken and egg thing, where you have to balance/snowball the participation/audience versus the sponsors.

And there will always be people who believe their blogs are beyond this, or try to invalidate such competitions. Then again, it's like Singapore Idol. Some say it's shitty, and then there are others who join.

It is true that you do not need to win a contest or a category to be an "insightful" or "most insightful" blog. That is why I believe that a site like could genuinely win the "most insightful blog" category, hands down.

Organisers will always be concerned with the credibility of the contest, and will make the necessary decisions.

Maybe future competitions should have separate categories, English and non-English/multi-lingual blogs. This will pave the way for more entrants.

I'm surprised to find out that the "Best Modeling Blog" features only one guy. On the internet, a female blogger will always be more exotic than a male blogger. Readers (male or female) are more likely to appreciate feminine beauty. Maybe that's how our culture goes.

Maybe I should put more pictures here and give the "youngsters" a run for their money next year? Haha. But that will probably come at a price, when people see too many visuals and start treating what I write less seriously. Imagine I write a serious article on single mums and inserted a topless picture of myself that screams "look at my abs!".

The more I look at the RazorTV interviews, I begin to realise that sometimes self-confidence (or self-deprecating humour, or pseudo-arrogance) comes across as arrogance, similar to how some of us "read" Ris Low. BOOMZ.

Maybe it's a blessing I wasn't at the awards ceremony and had to be put in the spot. I prefer to write releases than do live interviews.

Nominated twice, won once. Not a bad achievement. It's also great that some contemporaries and the organisers recognise that visits/traffic don't really matter too, but content. Maybe they didn't. People generally don't really want to read long wordy blog entries, when they could spend a couple of minutes ogling at some bikini-clad girl or some pretty boy (whatever your aesthetic taste).

When it comes to a popular vote, I'll probably lose out. So I guess this year's judging criteria sort of played into my favour.

I'm also proud to say that in winning this award, it's wonderful to know that I'm doing some justice to my discipline in sociology and discourse analysis, and that academic discussions can have a place in the blogosphere.

Lastly, a big thanks to OMY and the organisers. I look forward to being nominated again next year and more holidays for my wife and I.


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karim said...

Very thoughtfull post on self confidence.It should be very much helpfull

Karim - Creating Power

Miss Tey said...

I read your blog and I like it! thanks!

Yu-Kym said...

Congrats Sam! You have to pay for your own air ticket to Phuket? Do show your abs if you are writing about single mums :)

Sam Ho said...

thank you, very kind words.

yu kym, yes, i have to pay for my own air tickets.

i think showing my body is quite random, and outrageous, given i don't normally post pictures of myself on this blog.

i must start working out liao.

Yu-Kym said...

Your words more than make up for the lack of pictures :)

Thankfully there are budget flights to Phuket. Hope you and your wife enjoy the holiday! Happy working out, whatever your choice of exercise may be. Hehe