Monday, July 13, 2009

Grace Fu Fa-La-La-La Upgra-da Dumba Dee Doo Dah

Hurray! Hougang will be upgraded, along with that forsaken place they call Potong Pasir.

Channelnews Asia is very cheeky in this article. As of 10.32pm, the following picture was attached to the article:

Very cheeky indeed.

The funny thing is, it is odd that when issues concerning all Singaporeans are discussed in the same breath as politics. We talk about the government and the opposition party/ward in the same paragraph. Shouldn't it be PAP government and opposition party/ward? Ah never mind.

This is definitely good news to residents of Hougang. But the thing is, residents still have to vote on whether they want lift upgrading. Each non-lift landing level homes will still have to foot a percentage of the cost of upgrading if I am not wrong.

Election bells must be ringing? Or is it all a coincidence?

Any way, the upcoming elections is going to be a very interesting one. The PAP cannot simply blackmail voters with upgrading, and they should have never done so in the beginning, given that upgrading essentially involves public funds.

In short, if you join the dots, the PAP is actually using public funds (your taxes) to "buy" your vote and "fix" the opposition parties. Talk about alienation in the suburbs! The tax payer is alienated from the value/worth of the tax he/she pays. Despicable, says Daffy Duck.

Grace Fu today cast the Level 3 STFU area-of-effect spell on the political conspiracy and provided pragmatic economic reasons for the decision (i.e. low construction costs).

Yes, it has been planned for a while. Don't need to be too suspicious. The problem here is transparency.

Low Thia Kiang was probably more than irate when the bunch recently upgraded flats in Hougang Ave 7 were torn down, and even more pissed to hear Grace Fu's please-understand-my-position reasoning that her Ministry does not even know 7 months in advance what redevelopments would take place. His contention was that there was lack of ample warning and that money was wasted on upgrading those flats.

see for more.

Of course, when you demolish flats, you relocate the people who didn't vote PAP. This is craft micromanagement.

Actually, the Ministry knows more than the statutory boards in Singapore; the latter are the former's bitches. There is the vague grand scheme of things set in place for the stat boards to follow. That's how bureaucracies work.

There is this thing called the Master Plan, and it definitely sees beyond 7 months.

At the end of the day, the problem here is transparency. HDB is as secretive as the ISD, and any other governmental institutions. The less we know, the more we will vote PAP. When you control information, you are not only in power, but you are able to tackle misinformation quickly and sue a couple of folks for defamation because you have the information upper hand.

Oh well, at least we are getting lift upgrading. It will definitely have to be completed by 2014 any way.

I think it will be very interesting that construction will suddenly stop halfway during the impending General Elections.

In 1997 when I lived in white side of Hougang, the paint job took a break and the scaffoldings were seen enveloping every flat in the neighbourhood. And you had the PAP campaigners talking about upgrading. So tempting right. Give you a sample and make you feel grateful for the rest of it.

That's politics I guess. So dirty, like the used sanitary pad and multiple cigarette buds that pepper my air-conditioner compressor.


Charles said...

"So dirty, like the used sanitary pad and multiple cigarette buds that pepper my air-conditioner compressor."

Took me a (short) night of sleep to understand you were talking about outside litter and not about home decor :)

Kaffein said...

haha... good post. Indeed Big-E coming. Suddenly the forecast is Singapore out of recession.

So zun like Zhu Geliang of Red Cliff. How to fight? Exactly like this upgrading and also demolition. Some people may say you have read too deeply. I'd rather say you have hit the nail on the head.

Too zun already.


Seelan Palay said...

Thank you for the insightful blogpost. The Singapore Democrats have featured your post in their blogs of the week section –

Sam Ho said...

wow very honoured! thanks!