Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Song: We are the residents of Hougang

Below is one song I've written for a personal musical project. It is a song that will be sung by a bunch of random Hougang residents, who suddenly appear out of nowhere and for no reason at all, break into song. Of course, I could write a 4-5 part harmony too to make it sound grandiose.

(Verse - EVERYONE)
We are the residents who live in Hougang
We may be short of some ammenties
We are the residents who live in Hougang
Where there’re still traces of democracy

We’ve crippled transportation
Governmental hesitation
We’re still glad our Hougang is still free
We can vote every election
PAP may want our conviction
We just want our Hougang to be free

We are the residents who live in Hougang
Our pavements are not sheltered you can see
We are the residents who live in Hougang
Our votes cannot be bought so easily

(Enter OLD UNCLE for solo verse)
I am a resident who lives in Hougang
I am one of those friendly teo chew nang
I spent my whole life living in this Hougang
I don’t listen to no smelly jiak kang tang

(Chorus - EVERYONE)
We may need lift upgrading
We don’t mind more staircase climbing
We just love our Hougang to be free
We don’t need your vote-buying
Your canvassing or bribing
We’ll vote for our Hougang to be free

I will probably write other tunes and songs for the musical maybe months down the road. In the mean time, please take part in Project 'Send Sam to Phuket' by voting for him everyday at the Blog Awards. My wife may have told me that shameless plugging will not be good in the long run, but deep down in her civil servant heart, she wants that Phuket trip too.


Christopher Tan said...

Wow that song spoke my heart.. as a fellow hougang resident (hougangian? hougangite?) i couldn't agree more.

Where else can we have one half of a block of flats having the upgraded lifts just after one election, only to have the other half upgraded the next?

Sam Ho said...

(breaks out into song)

only in hougang my friend,
the beginning and the end.

haha. people shouldn't be punished for their democratic vote.