Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Plugging it, baby. Send Sam to Phuket!

We've been told as youngsters to grab the bull by its balls and horn and every other body part, because we are Chinese and we like to eat any animal that moves, and we bestow cultural, medicinal and supernatural value onto various animal body parts.

Below is the email interview with the blog awards website:


Be sure to vote Sam to Phuket. Sam is suffering from (urban) island fever and status frustration and a trip to Phuket may alleviate the pain. There is a price to shamelessness and shameless plugging, and it is definitely lower in this time of economic hardship. The government also told us - and probably the middle-class ethnic Chinese like myself - to readjust our expectations. Okay, I readjust my aspiration for upward socio-economic mobility to this Phuket trip of a prize. Yes, even in times of being shameless, I can still conjure a mixture of Marxian imaginings and authoritarian anti-welfarist rhetoric.

And while you're at it, be sure to vote Ms Chor Lor too. Votes are sacred like sperm to Catholics as decreed by Monty Python, like wealth accumulation for Chinese and Jews, like longevity for the PAP government.


sojourneys said...

Hi Sam, it's the first time I chanced upon your blog. I think you're well-considered in your commentary. Kudos also for tackling Singapore's taboo topic and taking on puritanical elites. :-) David // davzen1@hotmail.com // http://sojourneys.wordpress.com

Sam Ho said...

thanks david, drop by weekly to have your dose of long-winded blog entries!