Monday, June 29, 2009

I think I am more straight than George Lim Heng Chye

Is it me, or is the following letter rather homoerotic? I shall leave it to advocate of morality, the one, the only, the righteous, George Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim Heng Chye!

Frolicking gymnasts' bare antics a real eyesore

I took my preschool daughter to Bishan Sports Hall last Saturday morning for her weekly gymnastic training. There were women and children there for various activities. In their midst was a team of seven young men and their coach using the gymnastic equipment.

From the start of the team's routine, five young men were practically semi-nude. They were bare-chested and wore loosely fitted knee-length trunks that exposed their pelvic bones below the waistline. They strutted and pranced in their scant garments that covered only the anatomy between the lower waist and the kneecaps.

The team frolicked and tumbled in the hall, oblivious to the parents and children around them. I grimaced as they swung vigorously on the pommel horse, and risked slipping out of their loose trunks. Even worse, as they gripped the rings and the parallel bars, it did not take much gravity to expose their pubic area to the children. It was an eyesore to onlookers as the young men trampled on their modesty in public.

Bishan Sports Hall has been the de facto venue of the Singapore Open Gymnastics Championships for a number of years. It is also the proposed venue for the gymnastics competition events of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010. It is the key gymnastic competition site for the Asian Youth Games.

I, therefore, urge the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports to do something about those who bare their torsos without any regard for other users. Perhaps, the authorities should impose a minimum dress code that ensures decency.

Sports that allow male athletes to train semi-nude are swimming, water polo, windsurfing and sumo wrestling. But gymnastics is a sport that requires proper leotards for women and body-fitting singlet and shorts or tights for men.

George Lim

You cannot deny he is probably a good dad, bringing his kid to lessons and stuff. If I were taking my daughter to gym class, I would not have been as fixated on the young boys doing their gym routine.

The word for today: Champion.


Lim Leng Hiong said...

Heh, that's an interesting find - love his disturbingly visual language.

Has it ever occurred to Mr. George Lim that someone else viewing the same scene may feel bored and look impatiently at his watch instead of focusing so intently on the young men and writing a complaint letter to the ST forum?

pojaya said...

Some people are just so, so pathetic! There is nothing wrong with the unclothed human body.

the little eastern heretic said...

i laughed aloud when i read it on ST myself!!!

Xtrocious said...

This George fella is a closet pedo or what?

See how closely he scrutinises those young bodies and I imagine with a lewd expression...hahah