Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chasing Dreams: Sam has a new song after 18 months!

Yes, I have finally written a new song after 1 and a half years.

Did shitloads of takes because of my rusty guitar-playing.

And after losing my green Republic Polytechnic handphone sock, which I got as a freebie from a career fair two years ago, I finally got the much needed inspiration to finish recording the song.

The arrangement sounds a bit rushed, but who cares. What's more important is to get the sucker out. I'm going for dinner now. If you can tolerate poor singing and microphone discipline, please have a listen to the song "Chasing Dreams".



Whatever you think, whatever you say,
You should be ready ‘cos it’s changing
You walk down the road, go straight that way.
You could have known that it was winding.

You fall short of what’s been said.
Your hopes fly way above your head.
Hey, you’ve seem to lose your way,
But guess that’s okay
When you’re chasing dreams, yeah!
You’ll come around some day,
You’ll wake up to the blame
That you’re sleeping in, yeah!

You’re turning back now, reverse is ahead.
You are forgiven for your dreaming.
You’re caught in two minds, and now you’re afraid
That ending’s a beginning.


Detroit Girl said...

So, I found your blog by googling my blog at www.vivalassam.blogspot.com. It's funny because my name is Sam and my blog is about chasing my dreams. What a coincidence? I really liked your lyrics and related to them a lot! Kudos for picking up your guitar again!!! Keep it up!

Sam W.

Sam Ho said...

haha, amazing. the lyrics are actually cynical though.

any how, the chase is always more fulfilling than realising it, but all the best to you and may you realise your dreams.