Friday, May 15, 2009

Sam is away

I'm off to Boracay. And I will probably dread coming back. Bye bye!


Fr Augustine said...

I am a Singaporean and am an Orthodox Christian Priest serving in an Orthodox Church since 2001 in England.

Though I adhere strictly to the teaching in Scriptures about homosexuality and see it as a sin, I also equally ascribe to the teaching clearly spelt out in Scriptures that God teaches me (a sinner myself in many other ways) to 'hate' the sin (i.e. the 'act') but *love* the sinner (i.e. the 'actor').

You are endeavouring on a very complex matter in a (still) very 'closed' society, and I applaud you and your team's valiant attempt to promote social understanding and acceptance (or at the very least, tolerance) through education.

Keep up the good work!

Sam Ho said...

thanks. i didn't expect someone from so far away (geographically) reading this blog.

in the case of singapore, i think we are 'closed' because the powerful people are wielding their brand of conservatism.

it's the various interpretations (modern day middle-class english-educated ethnic chinese interpretations in particular) that attempt to claim truth and orthodoxy to their beliefs. it's a battle of ideologies, nothing new.

it's quite disillusioning to see factions claiming universality, and disheartening to know that i'm also part of the whole war even though i try to be objective or 'moderate'.

i think this is a problem of globalisation haha. ideologies used to be better contained and unchallenged thanks to socio-geographic boundaries, but now, it's a whole new ball game.

thanks again.