Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We are Aware, are you?

Okay, the above picture is the Venerable Ming Yi, Ren Ci's head. He did a lot for charity actually. I am just plugging my wife's caricatures. It is my husband-ly duty.

Speaking of plugging, please have a look at http://www.we-are-aware.sg/. This is a website set up to clarify facts and stuff. Save Aware, they say.

On my part, I would like to repeat my message (and newer messages):
1) Do not be anti-Christian or anti-Christian fundamentalist, especially so in speech and writing. Let us not divide or polarise our Singapore further.
2) Let us continue to ask Aware to account for what they say or claim. Aware, whoever takes charge, needs to continually define and explain what the terms it uses, as well as the objectives it may develop. It is up to all of us to encourage Aware to be open and transparent, and continue to communicate clearly their goals and progress.
3) Apart from Christian-bashing, let us also not engage in women-bashing and Aware-bashing. It does not help anything at all.
4) This is not only an anti-gay thing, but it affects issues on pro-choice (abortion) and sex education, to name a couple of issues.


Jaunty Jabber said...

I am sick seeing the old guards of AWARE who are too eager in forcing a "wayang" after they faced the exit door of AWARE without "sayang".

Some advices for the old guards, if you respect the system and believed that AWARE was built with clean hands, do respect the AGM vote result and respect the authority.

Some of the dishonorable methods that you are using and are planning to use will just prove to the public that you aren’t fit to remain in AWARE.

Please keep AWARE clean and free of dishonors. The more you, the old guards tried to work your ways to overturn the new team, the more the public feel disgusted.

How would the public be convinced by you people who use dishonorable methods and plots to gain back those lost chairs for your derrière to be planted? Some of your dishonorable methods like boycotting DBS, canceling your DBS credit cards and also encouraging your supporters to the same is not fighting the battle with righteous. I hope DBS is not fooled by your lame plot, even with your secret letter of protest to them complaining against Josie's position. If DBS is a good bank and is confident of their robust service, they will be able to distinguish that losing a few customers out of this matter is not due to their poor service or staff member's involvement in AWARE, but merely a lame tool you used to fight your bitter battle. Thus the bank is still sound.

Your action to blanket collect new members in order to build your vote numbers is against the mission of AWARE to help women with volunteered service. You are using the new members as digits to build your numbers. These members, joining AWARE without intention to contribute to the organization, might just jeopardize the organization's orderliness and objectives. They have joined only for 1 reason, to achieve only 1 purpose; they are like disposable material, good for 1 use only. After the EOGM, what are these members going to contribute to AWARE? Some of you, the old guards, have even offered to help fund the $40 membership fee for new members, in this case are you BUYING VOTES?
Old guards, you have gone over burn too much, working too hard just to win.

Who is the one having some hidden personal agenda? The public is not blind.

Lim Leng Hiong said...

To Jaunty Jabber:

Haha, yeah you're right, this whole situation has become so confusing; now everytime I hear somebody questioning somebody else's hidden personal agenda I think: "Now what's her hidden personal agenda?"

Luckily for me, I don't go questioning other people's hidden agendas.

Just their actions.

Like talking about reconciliation while dismissing all the subcommittee heads.

All of them?

All at one go?

Can't even keep ONE, if only for the sake of reconciliation?

Looks like there is nothing hidden about that agenda.

Sam Ho said...

thanks for that insight.

i think the fact that the exco is mostly made up by (unknown) members who haven't paid their dues in Aware, and the replacement of chairs in various subcommittees raises the suspicion.

it is also a bit odd that they have criticised Aware for being "too diversified", when most of them haven't been part of the programmes.