Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sam can cook, so can probably everyone

I realised, "What's the point of having a blog if you do not put pictures of your food on it?"

Since I moved house, I have been trying out my cooking. My mum gave me a sauce pan and a frying pan, and they changed my life. The above is a spaghetti meal, with egg, popcorn chicken, xiao bai cai, sotong balls, shrimp, meatballs and cod. Wrapped the aluminum foil are chicken thighs. I marinated the chicken with terayaki sauce and pan-friend it. After that, I wrapped them in the foil and toasted them. They are charred, because everyone was once a noob.

This is another simple spaghetti meal. It has the tomato/mushroom sauce on it. Xiao bai cai, pan-friend cod, eggs, meatballs, sausage, popcorn chicken, and a poor attempt at garlic butter shrimp with "cereal".I am slowly getting better here. My wife also tells me not to eat too many processed food. The above is a simple meal. Corn, beansprout, xiao bai cai, pan-friend oyster sauce chicken, and cod! Yes I like my chicken and cod. The more you practise and experiment with them, your XP will increase. Level up!

The above is another nice and simple meal. Left-over chicken-rice rice. Boiled corn. Fresh lettuce. And two of my three signature (by now) dishes - butter-garlic shrimp, and oyster sauce chicken. Well, there's a lot more than just oyster sauce in that chicken.

We had some Ba Zhang (rice dumplings, are they called that?). I cooked some popcorn chicken. Pan-fried xiao bai cai, beansprout and cuttlefish balls. Did my oyster sauce chicken too.

And the above is the latest. I realised that most of my dishes look plain and uninspiring like Singapore's political scene. Decoration plays a part, because it literally makes your food look better. In this fresh lettuce basket lies boiled cuttlefish balls, shrimp, hard-boiled egg, fish fingers, boiled xiao bai cai, a couple of cray fish and a little bit of mayo sprayed randomly around. I did my oyster sauce chicken and my pan-fried cod.

So in these 5 months or so of cooking (with more or less the same ingredients), I am quite proud I can do some simple dishes. I love my sauce pan.

Butter-garlic shrimp - Instead of oil, use a little bit of garlic spread (with herbs) and pan-fry the shrimp when the spread turns brownish.

Pan-fried cod - I always praise myself, "this is good shit" as I munch on the cod. It is crispy on the outside, and on the skin, and soft and juicy on the inside. After washing the cod thoroughly with salt water (and drying it), I pan-fry the cod, skinside down. Cover the sauce pan, so the rest of the cod can be cooked via convection/steam. After about 5-10 minutes (depending on how thick the cod is), turn the cod upside down, cover again. After a minute or so, do that again on one side of the cod, and repeat the same thing for the other side. The flesh sides will be slightly brown and crispy. It's basically brainless stuff. No oil needed, because the skin secretes oil. The only thing you have to do, is get really good quality cod, and they cost a lot.

Oyster sauce chicken - Learnt this from my mum. But tweaked it a bit. I only use thighs and leg meat, boneless. Marinate it with bits of oyster sauce, barbeque sauce, black pepper, some generic multi-purpose seasoning and some herbs. Leave it in the fridge for a few hours, the more the merrier. When I'm ready to cook, I'll chuck some garlic spread (with herbs) on the sauce pan, let it melt, and brown a bit, and thrown in the chicken. Cover. Let it cook. Open cover, turn chicken. Let it cook. Pretty simple, yet so tasty.

I hope to experiment with more stuff in the future. The cleaning up really sucks, by the way.


Weiye said...

Is it a must for all CNM guys to learn how to cook? Hahaha.

I also wanna learn how to cook. But. I don't have the time. So it's eat out for now.

Sam Ho said...

what? is that a trend? who's cooking too?

i think cooking's fun any way.

Agagooga said...

The cleaning up only sucks if you're very particular

I'm not, but my mom is!