Tuesday, April 21, 2009

May 2006 song: Yesterday, by Steve

Here is another song, should be sung by Steve Chia. That guy worked his socks off. The media just killed his reputation.

Disclaimer: The songs were cruder and had some obscene language and slangs. They are not out to offend. By publishing them, I have no intention to offend. By the way, the references to sodomy are metaphorical, not literal. Today, I shall provide an example of a parody song which some people might find offensive.

In the tune of The Beatles' Yesterday, written in May 2006:

Yesterday, i took pictures of my maid and say,
"Hope i am not given away"
Oh I believe, she will not say.

Suddenly, I crashed my car into a bus only.
Media then came all over me.
Like my porn case, it came suddenly.

Why me? I'm so suay,
Put my job (political career on the line) on election day
Lost to Gan Kim Yong, now i long (lost 60.4% to 39.6%)
For yesterday-ay-ay-ay

Yesterday, I should have changed my porno ways.
Now the aunties think I'm gay.
But i'm not a wreck, like JBJ.

Why? He lost it all (can't recall if I was referring to Dr Chee, or JBJ)
When he defamed the trinity (father, son and the holy Goh)
Now, I'll live my word and I'll leave
My NSP... (acronym for his party)

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