Wednesday, April 15, 2009

May 2006 song: Let It Be, Singapore politics in 2006

I realise, in my previous blog, I had written a lot of parody songs. Unfortunately, they come at the expense of my favourite Beatles' songs. Below is one example. There are many more songs to come, they talk about Steve Chia, James Gomez, Chee Soon Juan and our government. Most of them were written in 2006, after the General Elections.

The song also feature rather heterosexist insults. It is difficult to claim I was sensitive then, but I would like to say now that I have always been sensitive and aware of what it takes to be politically correct. If insensitivity is observed to be taking place, it would have been an informed one, rather than an ignorant and arrogant one.

Disclaimer: The songs were cruder and had some obscene language and slangs. They are not out to offend. By publishing them, I have no intention to offend. By the way, the references to sodomy are metaphorical, not literal. Today, I shall provide an example of a parody song which some people might find offensive.

In the tune of Let It Be, written in May 2006.

When i find myself in times of trouble,
Lee Hsien Loong gave to me
A little progress package.

It brought my hour of darkness.
He's always standing right in front of me
In Straits Times and CNA... *sigh*

PAP. P-A-Pee-eee. PAP. P-A-P...
Sue JBJ bankrupt...PAP

When James Gomez made a mistake,
He gave his apology.
But it broke Wong Kan Seng's balls. (South Park's Eric Cartman's phrase)

For though he may have fucked up,
The Cheenas and the Mats agree
We need more transparency,

NKF. James Gomez.
Wong Kang Seng got on his ass.
"Sue the bastards bankrupt."

PAP. P-A-Pee-eee. Agency, not Nazi.
Full of walk-in MPs. PAP.

Interlude. la la la la la.

And when Parliament is ready,
Silvia (Lim) is NCMP.
We'll miss Steve (Chia) and his porno.
Let it be.

And what bout Chee Soon Juan? This bugger will
Take it in the ass from ISD (metaphorically)
And the Lee family...

Chorus, all together now:
James Gomez, they pound his ass. (metaphorically)
Make him flee double-U P (WP).
We're scared shit of the only

They will lace our cyberspace.
We're all fucked in the backside. (metaphorically)

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