Friday, April 17, 2009

Josie Lau: Please answer your question first!

Am I reading this correctly (see red text)? This will definitely win the "WTF statement of the year" award. Outrageous, simply and utterly outrageous.

AWARE president questions intentions of veterans unhappy over election outcome

By Cheryl Lim, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 17 April 2009 1747 hrs

SINGAPORE: The new president of the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE), Josie Lau, has questioned the intentions of veteran members who are unhappy that newcomers have swept most of the executive committee seats in the organisation's recent annual election.

In a statement to the media, she challenged these members to disclose their motives and objectives fully and honestly.

On Tuesday, 160 members had written to the new Exco to request for an extraordinary general meeting, with the apparent purpose of replacing the Exco.

Ms Lau pointed out that no more than five of the signatories had been present at last month's annual general meeting.

She also highlighted that just-resigned president Claire Nazar had nominated six out of the 11 new Exco members with the support of veteran members.

She also said that following the first Exco meeting on April 7, Ms Nazar unilaterally resigned by email on April 8.

The Exco then called for a second Exco meeting on April 15, the earliest possible date, as the Constitution requires at least seven days' notice.

It was at this meeting that Ms Lau was named the new president unopposed.

Ms Lau said the current committee hopes to improve the life of women in Singapore and is pro-women, pro-family and pro-Singapore.

Ms Lau added that AWARE is a secular organisation - with members from different races, walks of life and belief systems.

She said that as a democratic society, they welcome diverse viewpoints.

Ms Lau added that she has full confidence in her team and that they are ready for the challenges ahead. - CNA/ms

The above is a report on the Channelnews Asia website. And I cannot believe what I am reading.

People are calling for the newly elected exco to explain their motives and intentions.

At the same time, people are calling for explanations as to why there is a sudden increase in membership leading up to the AWARE elections, and whether this played a significant role in the elections.

Like a Bugs Bunny-Elmer Fudd comical exchange, Josie Lau has grabbed the shaft of the rifle and bent it 180 degrees. Unbelievable and outrageous. And in the process, avoiding the very same questions the new exco was posed.

This is top-notch "leadership" tactics. When quizzed about something, you should either turn the tables on the quizzer, or ask, "what do you think?"

Can Josie take some responsibility and answer these questions? At least, she could say something like, "I shall not dignify your question with a response", but I hope she won't say that, and actually be honest for once.

Keep it real, dog! That my Randy Jackson American Idol advice for you.

Seriously, if you have (Christianity-related) motives, just form a mirror organisations and champion women's rights from a Christian perspective. Leave AWARE alone. If there is really a planned takeover, I say you have defecated on the banner of women's awareness and rights in Singapore.

Do not use the terms "secular" and "gender quality" to hide religious intentions, if you ultimately have religious-related intentions and ideology. (The same argument goes for any government consisting an ethnic 'majority' using the banner of 'multiculturalism' to do their politics. Filthy, filthy, filthy.)

Just because you direct these questions to the veterans, does not mean the new guard are innocent.

Is there, or is there not a (Christian organisation-related) secret alliance between you and some of the exco and ordinary members? Yes or no? Don't tell us "it's a secret, darling" and shush us as you place your finger on our lips. These lips cover the teeth that will probably bit the very finger off (metaphorically, so no worries). Outrageous.

Is the takeover planned? Yes or no?

Why was there a walkout by some members?

Can you explain the relationship between you and the folks who have written homophobic letters to the press?

And, what is YOUR intention, really?

If I were the AWARE veterans, being openly quizzed (and insulted) by Josie Lau, I would say, "Why don't you answer the damn question yourself first?"

Utterly outrageous. But props for having the phallogocentric "balls" to do it (damn, I knew I couldn't hold that pun back). Unbelievable and outrageous.

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Glass Castle said...


I've just blogged.


socguy said...

Eh, is there any civic grouping that champions (well not necessarily, but I really mean primarily concerned with and seeking to discuss said issues with like-minded people) the concerns of "faithless" peoples? As an agnostic straight, I find the seemingly increasingly aggressive moves of fundamentalist "cells" to seek an even greater presence and influence, extremely disturbing. I'm not sure if I classifies as secularist, but since a group is seeking so actively (even through shady means) to impose their values over others, I'm feeling the eventual threat to my freedom, and the need to get involved if necessary.

conscience said...

The takeover of AWARE was in accordance with the rules. Yet it does not come across as aboveboard at all. More like there's some hidden motive. Do I trust or respect such people in power? NO!

totoro said...


there's a not very active group called Singaporean Atheists

there's also The Singapore Humanism Meetup Group

one of their meetings was reported in ST recently.

Agagooga said...

Really, this is all hysteria. They haven't even done anything yet.

You know who will suffer in this war?

The people who activists claim to be fighting on behalf of:

Non-vacuum cleaner feminists and LGBTQs

Sam Ho said...

what do you mean by non-vacuum cleaner feminists?

can explain? i don't get it

Agagooga said...

Analogues of champagne Marxists.

Sam Ho said...

HARH? wtf... stop speaking like me! i don't get it (all the more due to lack of sleep)

Agagooga said...

Aiyah very hard to explain here. Add me on MSN

David said...

Josie Lau and team is saying that the old AWARE only had one objective and that is to promote homosexuality. I don't agree that they were promoting it but encouraging people to love all and accept different sexual orientation. It seems that the one with the single objective for AWARE is the new team led by Josie Lau and her outdated aunt-in-law Thio SM. Their sole objective seems to be anti-gay. They are the ones with the single item on the agenda. Why don't you all set up a new organization instead for your selfish goals? Leave AWARE alone detestable self-centred elitists!!!!!