Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hit me AWARE one more time!

In times of uncertainty, we need a song to tide us through.

In the tune of Britney Spears' "Hit me baby one more time", here's a song I have written for you guys. If you have your Britney Spears minus-one, you should sing along with it.

As a disclaimer, the song is meant to be a joke, and is not factual, nor does it intend to be factual.

Oh fundie fundie,
How was I supposed to know
That something wasn't right here?!

Oh fundie fundie,
Now no one will let this go.
A feminist catfight yeah! [some bloggers have cheekily called this a catfight, and I don't intend any sexist statement here]

Show me
How you should be fundie.
Very 'phobie,
'Cos we need to know now, oh because...

The blogosphere, says "conspiracy"
And I,
I must confess
I still believe (still belieeeeve)
When the fundies there, they undermine.
They give us a sign.
Coup on AWARE one more time.

Oh fundie fundie,
The reason they won is you.
Boy you got us blinded.

You got your aunties,
To vote and get you through,
And that's the way you planned it.

Show me,
How you get your aunties?!
They might be fundies.
And I need to know now, oh because...

Some people say, "You're anti-gay"
And now,
You might profess
You know the way (know the wayyyyy)
It's not Christian wrong; it's Christian Right.
You give us a sign,
But Claire Nazar had just resigned! [after a week]

Oh fundie fundie,
How was I supposed to know
You're pretty 'phobie,
You could have been a Thio. [You know the respectable Thios]
I must confess, you brought in new guests.
They vote you in now.
You've got Alan Chin, [Dr Alan Chin Yew Liang]
He'll give us a sign,
That homos should serve prison time.

Your holiness, and your beliefs,
And now,
Angie [Angela Thiang] says they're not so key (not so keyyyy).
Jenica Chua has gone so far
To give us a sign
Their press release will come in time.

End Chorus:
I must confess, this is a queer distress.
It's killing us now.
Don't you know that some believe,
You also hate queers,
You'll give us a sign,
Law Society next time?

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