Wednesday, April 22, 2009

December 2006 song: Let It Be, GST

Here is yet another song about GST, written in 2006. It is a little less offensive than the previous songs.

The song also feature rather heterosexist insults. It is difficult to claim I was sensitive then, but I would like to say now that I have always been sensitive and aware of what it takes to be politically correct. If insensitivity is observed to be taking place, it would have been an informed one, rather than an ignorant and arrogant one.

Disclaimer: The songs were cruder and had some obscene language and slangs. They are not out to offend. By publishing them, I have no intention to offend. By the way, the references to sodomy are metaphorical, not literal. Today, I shall provide an example of a parody song which some people might find offensive.

In the tune of The Beatle's Let It Be, written in December 2006:

When i find myself in times of trouble,
PAP will say to me,
"There's only one choice"

They always do it after elections!
Opposition will agree.
So much for the package (progress),

Gee Ass Tee... Gee Ass Teeeeee
Gee Ass Tee... Oh GST...
Five will move to seven,

So this will help the lower income,
But what about the bourgouise? (boh-joo-ah-zee)
They'll still be fat like Shu-Min Wee,

The internet will do their witchhunt
Acting so self-righteously,
Losing credibility
Let them be

ISD, Lee-Goh-Lee
Form holy trinity

Though the tax is paltry,
It can do a lot for society.
That's the word of PM Lee,

I wake up to the tragedy
Of "unnatural death" by MRT.
The netizens are bitching,

Gee Ass Tee... Gee Ass Teeeeee
Gee Ass Tee... Oh GST...
Shoved down the throat or up the ass,

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