Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photo op

Just took my passport photo recently at home and did an online application to get the new biometric passport. If only ICA can support Firefox. I hate doing administrative stuff.

Any way, here is how I've grown so far.

1990 (7 years old)
1990 - The comb had not entered my life yet. Neither has most of the stress and life's troubles. The more socialised we become, the more stress there is because there are more standards to adhere to.

(1998 - 15 years old)
1998 - The comb became my friend. Not exposed to much sunlight. Looked sickly, because I was. Thin face, unblemished by the troubles of society and the world.

(2001 - 18 years old)
2001 - No comb. With shorter hair, you can mess it around still look okay. Played more tennis. I can see my jawline! More chiselled (Late stage puberty? More exercise?). Eyebags beginning to appear.

(2005 - 22 years old)
2005 - Sideburns out. Post-NS. 10kg heavier than previous picture. Eyes become deeper-set.

(2009 - 25.5 years old)

Now - I look older, sleepier and jaded. Nazi hairstyle, so says the wife, but it's just any other comb-back. More flesh on the face. Not as wide-eyed as before (in every sense). Apparently my ears seem to be a little bit hidden by my growing face. But this face is going to be a canvass for more lines. I don't recognise myself when I'm clean-shaven. See below (in a webcam in January this year).

As we (most of us men) age, our jaws seem bigger. Wonder why (arts student asking bio question)?


Agagooga said...

So hemsem.

Why are you growing more Eurasian-looking?

Sam Ho said...

maybe i'm the closet eurasian. got the raging eurasian-ism inside haha.

didn't really notice till you pointed that out.

it's quite common people think i'm eurasian, apparently. but i chose to believe and see from the viewpoint that it's a symptom of a singaporean society that's too used to and steeped in ethnic chinese racist dominance/supremacy.

so, any "anomalous" ethnic chinese would be re-rationalised into a potato-eating eurasian or ABC, void of the essence of chinese-ness.

Agagooga said...

Err, how about it being due to people looking at your Eurasian-like facial features?

Sam Ho said...

yes, that too. haha