Saturday, November 1, 2008

My own musical

The most self-indulgent and unintellectual post ever.

I feel inspired by the performance by Avenue Q last night.

I believe I can write a musical too - and it can be crass and politically incorrect.

Already have a plot, an idea of a sequence of songs, and wrote half a song (with accompaniment).

Perhaps when all that is done and fine-tuned, I can write to MDA (Media Development Authority) and get some funding.

I think I am talented enough for the songs and musical plot, but will probably need my wife's help for the jokes and rhymes. Really excited about it.

End of self-indulgence.


Agagooga said...

Can I help HAHA

Weiye said...

ah... looking forward. =) haha

Sam Ho said...

it will be crass, but not vulgar.

it should also stir up one's sociological imagination.