Sunday, August 24, 2008

SDU & SDS merger alarming!

(A parody combining the various rhetoric we have heard time and again.)

As a nation whose leadership was once based on the guiding principles of eugenics, I am appalled by the merging of the SDU (Social Development Unit) and the SDS (Social Development Service).

Inter-racial marriage was the slippery slope and now we have degenerated and devolved into inter-intellect marriages. If we allow inter-intellect marriages, how will we be able to draw the line on incest and bestiality? It is moral dilemma.

It is simply unnatural that a graduate and non-graduate get hitched. I mean, it is just wrong!

This nation was founded on the brains of graduates and post-graduates, the latter of course being a better breed than the former. It was their brains that created such a lovely place that is Singapore, never mind the sweat and blood of the non-graduates.

Such mixing of the blood of non-graduates and graduates is utterly disgusting and the thought of it makes me cringe. Have they not thought of the consequences of such inter-intellect marriage? Think about their children! What will happen if their children cannot be pure graduates? Their blood will be tainted by the blood of a non-graduate. Think about the stigma they face from their graduate peers!

I urge the government to strongly reconsider this merger of the SDU and SDS. We should keep the graduates and non-graduates separate. We should upkeep the gulf between graduates and non-graduates. This is the stratified diversity we have always been enjoying.

Heaven forbid such mixing. We will lose our graduate identity if we do not protect it. Our children are being influenced by Western ideas of “blind love” and “follow your heart”. We should exercise greater censorship to protect the graduate-non-graduate dichotomy that is integral to our society and morality.

If hybrid or pariah children are born from inter-intellect marriages, what will their chances of career advancement be? The non-graduate genes in them will corrupt their morals and intellect, and they will not be top scholars, but ordinary scholars! This is blasphemy.

The reproduction of graduates is important to the advancement of the graduate community, because they know the right policies to benefit themselves. To even have a drop of non-graduate blood running through your veins will easily destroy this fragile system. We cannot be complacent and allow this to happen.

If more hybrids or pariah children are born, newer minorities are created. Our society has been kind enough to accommodate various minority groups, but the generosity of the graduate leadership and tax-paying community should not be abused.

God be willing that there are still some sensible pure graduate couples out there who will reproduce for our beloved fatherland. It is simple logic and only natural that a male graduate and female graduate will produce a graduate baby, but there are a lot of non-graduates who do not appreciate that fact, which led to the removal of the graduate wives scheme.

Non-graduates are simply not educated enough, reproducing like stray animals. This led to the “stop at two” policy, which applied to everyone, because the graduate leadership wanted to make it look fair to all, but they always needed more graduate babies.

Their shallow wit means that all policies have to made to look as though they applied across the nation. The thing is, we do not want non-graduates to mate too often or we will lose our competitive edge.

With newer pro-family schemes in place now, non-graduates should know their role in society and try not to outnumber the graduates. I urge graduates to outproduce their non-graduate counterparts, so we can establish a high culture that will never be tainted by the inferior spirit, lesser culture and dim presence of non-graduates.

Without a strong graduate culture, our economy will suffer. When our economy suffers, the non-graduates suffer first and we have to dig into our resources, so well-established by the graduate leadership, to make it look like we are helping them.

Inter-intellect marriage is like the mingling of a plus and a minus – you get zero. And zeros do not ensure economic development and progress, which are what our country prioritises over civil rights and welfare, among many other things.

Our economy and our morals will go down the drain if we allow such inter-intellect marriages. The entire foundations on which our society is built will crumble and we will never have the right leaders, pure graduates, to run the country.


Thoughts on SDU and SDS: I actually never really had an opinion on the bodies or the merger though.


Agagooga said...

SDS = Social Development Service

Sam Ho said...

thanks so much! corrected.

expedience said...

Whatever you have said is one sided. There are no statistics that prove babies bore through inter-intellect marriages would have inferior genes. I really wonder if your parents were both graduates. Even if they both were graduates, i wonder if your grandparents are graduates.

Sam Ho said...

i knew this would happen.

which part of "parody" (in the text) and "humour" (in the tag) did you not understand?

JS said...

just like how the gov had it all "planned".. .. scary what perceptions could carry in meaning.

Wen Le said...

Many people are looking forward to the merging of SDU and SDS but the Head of the organisation has been turning a deaf ear for many years. It needs a face renewal in a new year indeed.
I remember during army days, many servicemen dislike the rank- conscious the so-called "pull rank")environment in the army camps.
Then, the separation of SDU and SDS give some people a feeling of prejudice, rejection and social status mindset. What is the point of creating an artifical barrier unilaterally? There are people who don't join in their activities because of this unnecessary human categorisation.
The merging of SDU and SDS will boost the image and appear more "customer-friendly" in a sense.

Shihui said...

love your strong sense of excited sarcasm here!