Sunday, May 25, 2008

Servin' PPA

I have always been a musician, but you can never survive as a musician in Singapore, unless you wrote Chinese songs, or you "sold your soul" and be some pretty-face pop performer with a good team of songwriters and publicists pulling the right strings.

I have made the more rational choices in aiming to live a debt-free life, and becoming a full-time musician isn't one of them. I could have applied to work for the civil service - all you have to do there is follow the plot and follow some orders. Unfortunately, musicians don't follow the plot.

Below is a song I wrote, in the tune of the Beach Boy's hit song "Surfin' USA". Please check out the Beach Boys. They were a very tight rock and roll band.

I've changed "Servin' USA" to "Servin' PPA", where PPA of course means the "Party of the People's Action". I never said anything about People's Action Party (PAP), did I?

Servin' PPA

If everybody had election,
In Singapu-R-A,
Then everybody'd be voting
For the PPA.
Servants of society -
Civil servants, dude!
A loyal people for Kuan Yew
Servin' PPA.

Mas Selamat was a hoohah (inside outside PPA)
Kan Seng said it's fine (inside outside PPA)
Cos it's too much of a hassle (inside outside PPA)
If he were to resign (inside outside PPA)
No shit is gonna happen, (inside outside PPA)
Cos of the OSA (inside outside PPA)
Everybody's gone servin'
Servin' PPA.

The state has planned out their route
The one they'll take real soon
They get seconded to stat boards
Obey the Lee Hsien Loong
Most of them are scholars
All bonded to this day
Tell the people they're servin'
Servin' PPA.

They gave us excess monies (inside outside PPA)
And GST rebates (inside outside PPA)
Made Chee Soon Juan look real bad (inside outside PPA)
Bankrupt like JBJ (inside outside PPA)
We're censored to the fulla (inside outside PPA)
By the MDA (inside outside PPA)
Everybody's gone servin'
Servin' PPA

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