Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Politically Incorrect Singaporean Life

Maybe if we slowed down our cars near an accident scene to enjoy a longer gaze, the traffic might clear up a lot quickly and the cars might be fixed.

Maybe if we stared harder and longer at people quarreling, crying and stuff, they might get better.

Maybe if we all crowded round a fainted person and stared hard enough, he might regain consciousness.

Maybe if I punched the cushioned seat of the bus repeatedly and with great strength, it will provide my butt with more comfort and cleanliness.

Maybe the cigarette tastes better if I smoked in the lift or at the bus-stop.

Maybe if I sounded my horn more often or tailgate, I would get to my destination a lot more quickly.

Maybe if I learned Mandarin, I could do business in China, just like what everyone else is being told!

Maybe if I voted for the ruling party, my job will be more secure and my lift will be upgraded.

Maybe if I left a tissue packet at the gate of that primary school, my son will be first in line to get into that school.

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