Friday, December 7, 2007

Law reform to balance rights and obligations

(Unpublished - Dec 6, 2007)

Law reform to balance rights and obligations

Dear Editor,

I refer to Kumaralingam Amirthalingam’s article ‘Balancing evidence and rhetoric in law reform’ (ST, Nov 5).

Kumaralingam has pointed out the rhetoric, distractions and digressions that hinder law-making. Perhaps some solutions could be proposed in light of his critique.

There should not only be greater public education on myths surrounding homosexuality and combating the taken-for-grantedness and intolerance confronting sexual minorities, but also meaningful efforts to confront the inertia towards a better understanding of sexual identity and sexually transmitted diseases.

This inertia is galvanised by religious and moral rhetoric, which may neither be representative of the beliefs of the entire population, nor a proper reflection of, and in truthful correspondence with existing information and discourses.

We should also arrest the problem in which some people would utilise any available means of justification to disincentivise and discriminate against fellow Singaporeans, such as the moral rhetoric of universal morality and that laws are a reflection of societal values, apparatuses which threaten the diversity that defines our society.

The law should continue to uphold the balance of rights accord to citizens and the obligations expected of them fairly across the entire population, regardless of differences in identity.

Ho Chi Sam

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