Friday, November 23, 2007

Woman, Caucasian man and two students

I think the storm came and went, pertaining to the incident involving the woman, her caucasion companion and two young women.

Singaporeans are very highly strung. One bump and a host of issues will crop up. We have so much stress and aggression in us that any little engagement may constitutes instigation. There are also other predispositions that will surface - racism and xenophobia.

It does not help our xenophobia much in light of increased immigration and the presence of foreign talents. Moreover, the common (though not entirely true) belief that foreigners will steal our jobs and lovers are sure to raise more negative sentiments against them.

Singaporean Chinese, now being the majority, are more vocally racist and xenophobic. Thing is, what are they/we trying to defend themselves/ourselves from? There is still a lot of intolerance in most of us, but again, in a space like Singapore, people do not tolerate intolerance, and if you do, you get left behind.

Intolerance leads to isolation, but it's the intolerant who actually gets isolated.

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