Thursday, November 15, 2007

Media friends

When I am not busy writing/fighting for sexual minority rights, I worry about other things that directly affect me.

Before starting this blog, I realised I could be just one of them, one of those "voices" of "democratic Singapore". I am different and I want to be different.

Egos fill these voices in these "sites of resistance" that exist in cyberspace. They argue and they confront. They may have a point, but more often than not, instead of proving their point, they are out disproving other points. That is what I deem, destructive.

And when they are challenged, they become defensive and passive-aggressive, and this is magnified by communications technology, i.e. the internet.

First and foremost, we are too predisposed to treating the government and all other related institutions and mechanisms as the enemy. Discourse is oriented towards the perception and attitude that authority is bad. Why can't discourse be oriented towards the view that the government and the media are our friends?

The different, the alternative, are all being (cyber-)mainstreamed themselves, becoming self-indulgent and detached from other realities and experiences. Most vocal netizens have become the monsters they have initially intended to confront. Perhaps the approach will be a lot more different if we viewed the government and the media as our friends, rather than enemy. As I've mentioned in previous post, you don't have to be opposing to be different; at the same time, you don't have to be different to be opposing.

If you want the democratic voices of cyberspace to be treated with respect and on equal footing with mainstream media, you have to adopt some of the approaches by the mainstream media. You put a name, you put a face, you try to use fair and civil language.

Even as a watchdog, you need not bark too loudly nor foam at the mouth. All you have to do is continue to point out the ironies and paradoxes, point out alternative realities and experiences, give alternative views, all in the manner in which news and reports are presented in the mainstream media.

Media and alternative media are all about representation - of views, identities and interests. Alternative media though providing alternative representations, but their messages and approach need not be alternative to the point of being subversive or confrontational.

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