Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Leadership and Teambuilding

(Unpublished - Nov 4, 2007)

Leadership and Teambuilding

Dear Editor,

I refer to Low Xiang Jun's letter 'Allowing SMU students to launch booklet, event on gays sends wrong message' (ST, Nov 3).

Contrary to what Low perceives, such a student-coordinated activity is testimony of good education. A good education is not only the mere mechanical process of application of knowledge gained from learning, but also the holistic understanding of one's privileged position and the awareness of 'invisibles' in society. In this sense, education contributes to social justice.

We should refrain from using the politically-charged rhetoric of "endorsing alternative lifestyles" just to criticise such activities, which ultimately leads to the invisibilisation of minority communities in Singapore.

The students in this teambuilding and leadership course are actually taking the lead, making the first step and coordinating a team to raise awareness on social issues that majority of Singaporeans will often overlook. Coordinated efforts for increasing awareness are a cause for social change. That is leadership. That is team building. That is social responsibility.

It will be a shame if we only considered activities which aim to reinforce gaps and divides in society as "leadership", "teambuilding" and "socially responsible".

Ho Chi Sam


enji@o said...

I was largely humoured by her letter. LOL!

Keep writing! ((=

Sam Ho said...

i was slightly disgusted at her letter though.

people should make it a point to identify themselves, state their faith and religiosity.

when a gay person says he's gay and speaks up, people say it's a gay agenda.

when someone who doesn't identify himself/herself and speaks as if everyone shares his/her values, nobody bats an eyelid.

we are taking too many things for granted. most of the educated elite and techno-savvy (savvy enough to send the straits times lots of emails) are very homophobic and people don't realise that.

i hope your 'a' levels went on fine.