Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Song: Yesterday

No disrespect to the following esteemed individuals. A funny song developed in my head recently. And I always enjoy the occasional good clean parody.

In the tune of the Beatles' hit, Yesterday...

Singaporeans were so anti-gay.
They kept three-seven-seven 'A'.
And all follow their hateful way.

We've colonial mentality.
Keep the Act for you and me,
Marginalise the minority.

Chorus: Why (Yvonne) Lee had to go (write in Straits Times)?
I don't know; She had lots to say.
Why can't Thio Li-Ann
Be a nun if she hates the gay?

Homosexual people had no say.
Lee Kuan Yew said it's okay,
But 'phobes and fundies want their way.

Chorus: Why must
Doctor Chin (Alan Chin Yew Liang), Andrew Lim (Andrew Lim Chia Wei),
And other guys
Go with
Thiang Pei Yun (Angela Thiang Pei Yun), Thio Su Mien (the mother of Thio Li-Ann, who supervised Angela Thiang Pei Yun's senior paper)
And that Lim Heng Chye (George Lim Heng Chye)?

Goh Chok Tong said he'll hire gays.
Homophobes write in all day
To the Straits Times to just Kao Peh (hokkien for complaining).

Chorus (altogether now): Why you
Want to hiu (hokkien for avoid) MP Siew,
And block his way?
This is
Singapore and there's a law (the constitution)
That protects the gay.

Newspaper releases in 2007, otherwise stated:

Yvonne Lee - Decriminalising homosexual acts would be an error (May 4); Three-point rebuttal to writer's response to article on gays (May 10); Gay debate continues: Writer responds (May 17)
Thio Li-ann - Hearing out religion in the public debate (Dec 15, 2004)
Dr Alan Chin Yew Liang - Homosexuality: Neither a disease nor an immutable trait (May 8); Figures speak for themselves: Practising gays have higher risk of HIV (May 15); Aids and gays: A flawed response (May 28); Let's conserve our marriage constitution as one between man and woman (Jul 16); Law and public education should go hand in hand in dealing with HIV (Aug 7); Beware the high-risk ‘gay lifestyle’ (Aug 8).
Andrew Lim Chia Wei - Decriminalising homosexuality: At stake is public morality, not pragmatism (Jul 26); One's idea of fun and humorous may be highly offensive to others and harmful to society (Oct 1)
Angela Thiang Pei Yun - Beware loose use of term 'sexual minorities' (Aug 10)
Thio Su Mien - PM’S commitment to core moral values lauded (Aug 27, 2003); Police did right in rejecting gay party (Dec 17, 2004)
George Lim Heng Chye - Govt should rethink hiring gays (Jul 15, 2003 - a classic); All the movies are about sex and violence. Time for censors to act (Oct 17, 2006); Censors were right to cover genitals in London Financial Times picture (May 14, 2007); Vital that we reinforce good industry practices to uphold our 'clean' image (Jun 6, 2007)


Raymond said...

Ha ha, well done! The line: why can't Thio Li-Ann be a priceless! Sometimes, the best response to the "phobes and fundies" is through ridicule and laughter!

Regards and best wishes,


Sam Ho said...

hi raymond, thanks.

maybe when there's another pertinent issue, i can write another song about it.