Friday, October 19, 2007

Homophobia is digusting and revolting

(Unpublished - Oct 18, 2007)

Homophobia is digusting and revolting

Dear Editor,

I refer to the series of letters debating the repealing of Section 377A in the Straits Times in the past three days.

I challenge those who want this section to remain.

Are they trying to say that homosexual people are less Singaporean than the straight majority? How can they reconcile this attitude with their citizenry?

Singapore is about diversity and appreciating diversity. We have laws to accomodate religious minorities, providing them necessary spaces and liberties. We have laws to protect employment discrimination along demographic lines. When it comes to sexual minorities, why are we unable to protect them?

I plead with the government and the anti-gay crusaders to come to their senses and do what is right.

We should ensure equality in our society, and not just construct laws according to the predispositions and prejudices of either the elite or the majority.

As a straight person, I see this injustice occuring under my nose, and am completely and utterly disgusted and revolted by such fear and hatred for sexual minorities, and that such phobia actually affects policy.

Ho Chi Sam

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