Thursday, October 18, 2007

Homophobe overstepped role in championing anti-gay cause

(Unpublished - Oct 17, 2007)

Homophobe overstepped role in championing anti-gay cause

Dear Editor,

I refer to Jenica Chua Chor Ping's letter 'NMP overstepped role in championing gay cause' (ST, Oct17).

Contrary to what Chua believes, Siew Kum Hong is doing his job as a nominated member of parliament as he is empowered to represent the under-represented and unrepresented.

The repealing of Section 377A, which criminalises gay sex, consensual or private or not, has no causal link nor correlation with the degradation of family values in Singapore. In that sense, it appears that anti-gay and homophobic individuals and communities are overstepping their role and are attempting to preserve institutional discrimination of sexual minorities, a reflection of their personal negative attitudes towards them.

Furthermore, how can Chua reconcile with the fact there do exist people who support family values and at the same time support fair representation and equality for gay people?Is Chua trying to impress upon us a universal set of 'family values', which includes homophobia and legitimises the marginalisation of sexual minorities?How fair is that?A member of parliament will serve his/her people. If Siew were to serve and act as a proxy for other minorities such as people with special needs, single mothers and the destitute, will society be questioning him the same way?

The only interest the "homosexual interest group", as Chua calls it, has is to be able to proudly call themselves Singaporeans and Siew is doing his duty to ensure equality in our society and that society is not governed by the tyranny of the majority.The Constitution states that all Singaporeans are equal before the law. Are sexual minorities less Singaporean than us? Does that mean some Singaporeans are more equal than others? How can the Constitution allow that to happen?

Let us stop abusing the privilege of being straight, and start doing something about our fear and detest for fellow Singaporeans.

Ho Chi Sam

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