Saturday, June 2, 2007

Health and property deserve priority over stray cats

(Published - ST Forum, Online Story. June 2, 2007)

I REFER to Mr Tan Chek Wee's online letter, 'Let's hope town councils do not start a 'holocaust' of cats' (Online forum, May 30).

I understand the concerns of animal lovers, whether morally or religiously related.

However, as a resident living in a public housing estate, I have concerns about the safety and hygiene of the area, more so since it is shared by many other residents.

Stray cats can be a nuisance. Some climb onto cars and leave scratch marks. Some scatter litter and rubbish.

Another problem lies with animal feeders, who leave food at void decks or throw it out of their windows, perhaps to answer the moralistic call of feeding cats and pigeons. This constitutes a littering offence.

Moreover, the food attracts more strays, pigeons and crows, which can pose health and hygiene problems.

I feel that our health and property, such as our cars, deserve priority.

I believe the solution is to educate public housing residents, on top of having a more stringent policy on strays.

Ho Chi Sam

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